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The Shine Community envisions people with all abilities to thrive, flourish and celebrate wholeness and abundant life through Christian love and authentic relationships. Our desire is to see the fullness of our identity, purpose and dignity restored through the hope of the Gospel and holistic programs in a loving community. 


Mary grew up in Seoul, Korea, seeing her dad (a pastor) and his missionary friends bringing hope and much needed help in her neighborhood.  After working 15 years in corporate America, she joined an NGO to serve the vulnerable population overseas. She has 12 years of experience in social enterprises and social programs and is a certified mental health coach and life coach.  She believes everyone has a special purpose and unique gift that can be used to serve and build up one another and belong in the community.


Wallace’s mom was a missionary to Japan as a young lady right out of Bible College in the 1950’s.  His father was also a man of faith who had an extraordinary gift of service. With rich spiritual inheritance and his experience as a chiropractor of 26 years, he believes in achieving wellness of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health through holistic offerings and social interactions in a safe community.  

Mary and Wallace got married at the age of 46 (a miracle story!) and received a special calling to serve the disability community in a loving, inclusive community. As an uncle to a nephew with Asperger’s Syndrome, Wallace knew first-hand the challenges that people with disabilities face with work, health and social needs. After researching and visiting many disability services, we fell in love with the BEE Community in College Station, TX.  During our visit with the artisans, volunteers and staff at the BEE COMMUNITY, we got a glimpse of the fullness of God’s love and joy and the beauty and dignity being restored in a community.  We were not meant to be alone!

So here we are, THE SHINE COMMUNITY, right here in Duluth, GA!  We will help one another towards wellness and fullness of who we were created to be.  All of us have unique purposes and gifts like the stars in the sky.  And together, we are gonna SHINE!


Mary and Wallace Shaffer, Co-Founders

Mary and Wallace Shaffer are founders of The Shine Community.  Wallace will be overseeing the physical activity and recreational program and Mary will be overseeing the work program.  


Esther Lim, MD, Music Program

Esther Lim is a physician with 20 years of experience and a true musician at heart.  She learned to play the piano and flute at a young age, served as a church pianist since high school and competed in vocal competitions at state and national levels.  After formal training in voice, she worked with opera companies and various community choirs and orchestras.


As an accomplished physician scientist and an avid musician, Esther has always been interested in the science and the therapeutic effects of music on body and mind.  Passionate about serving those around her with the talents and skills entrusted to her, she considers it a great privilege to be working with the members of The Shine Community.  


Dianne Reynolds, Advisor and Staff

Dianne is a fun, active extrovert, who loves God and people, enjoys hiking Stone Mountain and the beach. She is a certified yoga instructor and runs an exercise ministry for women in prison and coordinates a prison ministry at her church. Dianne believes her youngest son who has autism, has made her a better person by deepening her patience, perseverance, advocacy and LOVE for people of all abilities. Dianne, a proud mother of three children, lives in Dunwoody, GA with her husband and youngest son and they enjoy their church family at First Baptist Church of Atlanta.   

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